The Logan County Humane Society (LCHS) is a private nonprofit organization acting as a county-wide center for the needs of animals, pet owners, and the community at large concerning animal welfare issues and animal control problems. Our dedicated staff have hearts for animals and ensure that every animal which comes under our care receives humane treatment. Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM; Saturday-Sunday, 8:00AM to 12:00 PM.   If you witness any unleashed animals, or animal cruelty, please contact us immediately at (970) 520-2804.


Recognizing Animal Cruelty

We need your help. We can only prevent animal cruelty if you report it when you see it. Animal cruelty takes many forms and any suspicious activity or conditions should be reported. Things that may indicate animal cruelty include:

  1. Wounds on the body; patches of missing hair; extremely thin, starving animals; limping, etc.
  2. An owner striking or otherwise physically abusing an animal.
  3. Dogs who are repeatedly left alone without food and water, often chained up in a yard.
  4. Dogs who have been hit by cars or are showing any of the signs listed above and have not been taken to a veterinarian.
  5. Dogs who are kept outside without shelter in extreme weather conditions.
  6. Animals who cower in fear or act aggressively when approached by their owners.

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