Animal Control

The LCHS has been given authority from the City of Sterling to oversee issues of animal control. Our employees take care of the retrieval of stray animals within the city limits of Sterling. Also if you witness a violation of city ordinances where animals are concerned, you should contact us rather than contacting the Sterling Police Department.

The following is a synopsis of current city animal ordinances:

Dog Running at Large

All dogs must be kept on the owner’s property unless on a leash or at “heel” of the owner. Dogs in any City park must be on a leash at all times. Owners are also required to clean up after their animals.

Barking Dog

Any dog that disturbs the peace with loud and persistent barking, is in violation of the barking dog ordinance. The owner is given a written warning and then any citizen can sign a complaint against the dog owner. The complaining witness must agree to testify in court.

Rabies Vaccinations

All dogs and cats over 3 months old must be vaccinated against rabies by a veterinarian, even if they spend most or all of the time in the house. The vaccination tag should be attached to the animal’s collar. Any person moving into Sterling with an unvaccinated dog or cat must have the vaccination performed within 30 days. Current certificates from other states are acceptable.

Animal Bites:

Any person who has knowledge of an animal bite, must report it to the Logan County Humane Society as soon as possible. Any unvaccinated dog or cat that bites a person cannot be confined at home. The animal must be impounded in the animal housing facility or at a veterinarian’s clinic at the owner’s expense, for 10 days.

Dog and Cat Licenses

The City of Sterling does not require licenses for dogs or cats.

Pet Animals

The City of Sterling does not allow the keeping of wild animals, stock animals or poisonous snakes as pets.

Care of Pets

The City of Sterling requires all pet owners to provide food, water and adequate protection from the weather for their animals.


Animals found in violation of the City’s Ordinances are subject to impoundment. The Humane Society will make every reasonable effort to contact the owner, if known.


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