I am Sayla and this is my new brother Sampson.  I had a very bad life before I was brought to LCHS.  I was so scared when I came that I couldn't even walk.  I had to be carried in and out to do my business.  Slowly I was brought out of my shell and found out that there was lots of hugs and loves for me there.  I was treated for my injuries, that I had when I came in, with care and patience.   It took a little while but then my new Mom and Dad came to visit with me.  Then a couple days later they brought my new brother out to visit.  We played and played and played!  I was so happy to play!  Then one Sunday, I was taken out of the kennel and put in a van.  It was a long drive but when we got there I saw my new Mom and Dad...I remembered them!  I was taken in the house and allowed to get on the couch and play with my brothers tennis balls.  I found a happy home with all the love I need!  THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!

Sassy found her a forever home!  we are waiting for an update on how she is getting along with her new family!

​​​​Kovu became a town legend overnight. He was left tied up next to a dumpster and forgotten. A kind woman and her son found him and took him in for a few days. She got in contact with Animal Control and wanted to keep him. After a few days she realized that she couldn't even though she really wanted to and felt horrible. However her mind was put at ease when we got contacted by another woman who just fell in love with him when the story hit and after she met him it was a done deal. A few days later Kovu was on his way home! Of course they had to make a stop at a pet store first but now he is home and one spoiled pup. 

Ms. Tigger is one lucky girl! She went to her foster home and we expected it to be a hospice foster. Then her and her new mom had a talk and they decided that she was exactly where she belonged! What started as just a foster turned into a "foster fail" and we couldn't be happier! Welcome home Tigger!

Our boy Auggie finally went to his new home last week and he now has a new sister that he loves very much. In fact when she had a sneezing fit he was so concerned he had to giver her kisses on her face to make sure she was all better and she gave him kisses right back before they took a nap together. He is enjoying every second of his new life and we couldn't have asked for anything better for this well deserving pup. He really is a very good boy! 

We adopted Hutch partly as a companion to our 3 yr old cattle dog, Jazz,  and our three cats and partly as another retirement project.  We couldn't be more pleased.  He has settled right in as if he's always been here.  The pictures show a typical day here with Hutch and Jazz wrestling and squirreling, Hutch and his toy snake and Hutch at rest in bed.  He and Jazz have bonded well, and Hutch is ambivalent about the cats (a good thing) and they are well used to having dogs around and are beginning to get used to the "new guy".   He is starting "charm school" training. He seems to be a quick learner.  All in all, a great adoption experience and we are all looking forward to many years of enjoyment together.

Padme is so happy and warm in his new home. He was found by the local swimming pool. 

Hercules found his furever home! His new name is Loki and he is a VERY happy puppy! He has adjusted to his new home very well and LOVES jumping on the trampoline with his sister Luna and 2 new boys. He is very well mannered but wont hesitate to jump up and snatch your bagel when you aren't looking. He is very loved and has been all smiles from the moment he got home. 

Roxy was one of our favorite dogs at the shelter.  She had come to us after being abused.  She was scared and lonely.  We worked with her for a long time and got her to come out of her shell.  The day this AWESOME family came to meet her they knew that she was their perfect match.  Roxy made it home where she found a HUGE back yard a new pink color and new dishes.  This picture was taken on her first Thanksgiving in her forever home!  We love our Roxy!

Nessy is one lucky girl! Her new name is Nikki and she is having the time of her life swimming, going for rides, and giving her new horse brothers and sisters kisses. Her and her new doggy brothers and sisters are inseparable! She hit the doggy jack pot and is enjoying every second of it. Just another very special girl that we will always miss here at the shelter but will always be comforted at the fact that she has the best possible life she could ever have. Love you miss Nikki girl! 

Our boy Mort found a special home with two little girls that will love him!

Hi I'm Jameson.  I came to the LCHS after being found in a back yard that I didn't live in.  I was very scared and was having a hard time adjusting to being there.  I was asked if I wanted to go to a home with other dogs for a while until I found my furever home.  I was happy to go!  I went to a home with several dogs and got along with all of them but 1.  I didn't get along with one of my foster brothers but I stayed there until I did find my furever home!  I went on a trip with my foster parents and came to a home with lots of animals!  I now have a sister Kitty, a brother BIRD!!! An a new brother!  HE LOOKS LIKE ME!  We play a lot!  I am so happy to have found my new Mommy!  She loves the Broncos as much as I do!  Thank you Mommy for finding me!!

Zasha has found her forever home and is very happy. Her new family is super happy to have her and she is one spoiled puppy!

Gabe has found his perfect home! Gabe is now named Shadow and he came to us with severe separation anxiety. He was originally found at Prewitt Reservoir and was taken in by a family. He did amazing with all the animals at the home and all the kids until he got left home while everyone went to work and school. That's when they discovered he needed a family that could be home a lot more than they were. When Shadow came to us he would constantly cry for attention. It took us about 2 months to get the perfect home for him but we did it! He now has 2 little big brothers that love to play with him and a big bed to cuddle up in. His new mom and dad couldn't be happier with him and he is already so much more confident. 

After being with us for almost 7 months Kallie has finally found her furever home. She loves to nap and snuggle on the enclosed porch. She also has a new favorite spot on her new mommies walker and she loves to go for rides on it.

We got an update from Sterling's new Mom!

Sterling is fitting in better than we could have ever imagined.  We changed his name to Thorin (the lead dwarf from the Hobbit) which he already knows and seems to approve of :).  He is a great dog and we are so lucky to have found him.  He is doing great with our other dog, our cat and the cats and dogs at the clinic.  He has wonderful house manners too!
He had 2 badly fractured teeth which we already removed and he did great.  It hasn’t slowed him down at all.  We have been hiking on the trails by our house already and he loves it!  He’s already seen a number of deer and elk which he was very interested in!
We’re starting training classes next week which I think he’ll enjoy.  We may try out agility classes for fun in the future.

We don't think we could have asked for a better home for this sweet guy! Here he is with his new sister Thistle.

Mr. Waffles found the perfect home for himself. His new mom and dad love him for every extra roll he has. He loves jumping on the couch and looking out the window. He is so spoiled he goes for walks at the park every day and when he gets tired and decides he is done walking and sits down his dad picks him up and carries him the rest of the way. Waffles is one lucky dog!

Corky wants to tell you he is so happy in his new home he has a buddy just his size. 

Corkys Mom sent us a quick note to tell us he is doing very well!

Joy has found the perfect home for herself. She has a home where she has two new sisters, a big yard, and she gets to go running with her new mom every morning! She is so incredibly spoiled and happy you can see the happiness on her face as she runs off leash next to her mom. This truly is the best fit for this special girl!

Sunny has made her new home brighter than ever. She is going through some training for basic puppy manners but she sure is a shinning star in her new mommy and daddies world! This little girls made a last impression on us here at LCHS and is one adorable addition to her new family. She is doing great and is as happy as can be.