​These are our babies that we could not save.  As hard as we tried, all we could do was love them and show them the love they deserved.   These babies were cared for by all of us at the Logan Humane Society.  They all hold a very special place in our hearts.  ​ 

This is our Little man 


​He came to us unable to stand, he was very matted and was very emaciated.  Our Vets checked him over and after some time it was decided that he was to far gone for us to save.  Sadly he crossed the rainbow bridge on 11-28-16. 

​Our Princess came to us from a pretty bad situation.  She and her sister were surrendered to us by their owner.  When our Vets were checking them out it was determined that I had cancer very bad.  Sadly it was in her lungs and she was having trouble breathing.  Sadly she crossed the rainbow bridge on 11-9-16.